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Technology has made it not only possible but necessary to engage customers directly in a social setting. The fact of the matter is most people are members of one social networking platform if not several. Facebook boasts over 400 million unique users while Twitter has acquired over 100 million tweeters and counting. Internet users watch over 2 billion Youtube videos per day and emerging platforms such as Foursquare mix GPS technology with traditional social media platforms allowing users to stay in touch with both friends and the businesses they frequent. We utilize these and other platforms to engage customers for you.  Those people plus more look to the web for information when making a decision on anything from where to eat lunch to selecting medical care.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Marketing - Social MediaIt isn’t just teenagers and college students. People of all ages, from all walks of life, utilize social media platforms on a daily basis. It is possible to connect with people from large roughly defined groups, say people that need a new car, to specifically targeted groups, perhaps customers in the market for a specific high end decoration. It all depends upon proper planning and execution of your social media strategy and how the brand is presented to the consumer. By way of social media, a brand can identify and keep in touch with its’ core customers while simultaneously identifying and pitching to new ones. The whole time your company can inform, promote itself, interact with and even collect valuable feedback from your customers. As a social media marketing agency, Ballywho utilizes social media platforms to accomplish this for you. While we will never tell you that other marketing efforts should all be eliminated, we promise you that managing your social media community will have positive effects on your image, web traffic, customer affinity and ultimately revenues.

What can a social media marketing strategy do for my business?

Word of mouth has long been universally regarded as the ideal form of gaining business. Social media platforms are the basis for today’s online word of mouth. With the social media options that are in use today it is entirely possible for individual consumers to bond with brands. If only the brand can target and engage the right consumers, surely the brand will gain recognition until it becomes part of the consumers’ purchase set. With the aid of social media, this is entirely possible. The basis of these platforms is of course that they are rooted in people themselves which breeds authentic familiarity. Individuals open themselves to the digital world to keep in touch, share ideas and find out about new things. It is in these aspects that Ballywho can leverage your brand via social media marketing. We can share information about your company with actively engaged consumers. By developing relevant and interesting blog topics we can inform people about factors relevant to your business as an individual and your industry as a whole. Providing enticing, quality information will morph your brand into a trusted source of information as opposed to just another competitor.


We will advertise promotions, inform of new developments and further your relationship with your customer base on a regular basis via micro-blogging on your behalf using popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We can post pictures on a multitude of platforms that will allow customers to see firsthand what your company looks like and how you labor to please them. We will establish a presence for you on all applicable social media platforms. We will be providing additional outlets for you to communicate with customers while expanding your web presence. All of these factors plus more will bring your customer base closer to you on an emotional and ultimately physical level. The more your brand is presented as an authority in your industry and a member of your community, the closer your customers will bond with you increasing not only revenues generated from existing customers, but the highly sought after word of mouth recommendation to new customers.

As your partner, Ballywho will lead you through the entire process. Members of our team will work with you to assess your company’s goals and desired image. We identify the proper platforms to be used in order to achieve these goals and enhance this image. Thereafter we work with you continuously, maintaining an open door policy, to create engaging content that will interest customers while presenting your company as being on the forefront of your industry. Our staff is versed in all major social media platforms and has an ongoing commitment to mastering all aspects of the field in order to produce the best possible product for our clients. Our business focuses on one aspect of the larger marketing world; social media marketing consultation and development. By applying all of our efforts to this one aspect, we are able to deliver the best results in social media advertising. At Ballywho, we speak your mind in a process that engages and enlightens bringing you and your customers closer together.


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We believe people find out about your brand three ways
1) Word of Mouth
2) Advertising
3) Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
We work with your marketing and web team to create an integrated social and web presence that is aligned with your marketing vision and brand experience

What is Social Media?

We believe that social media is the communication tool of the future, it is the way to link traditional and web marketing and communication together with consumer engagement.

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