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Social Media ServicesMarketing your business in a “social” world has never been easier than with Ballywho Interactive.  Our team of SEO writers, marketing managers, IT professionals and web developers will work to create a viable identity for your brand on the social web.  Our philosophy is to be your social marketing partner. We believe that social media is a critical element to your marketing mix, but should not encompass your complete marketing strategy.  It is critical that your social media strategy works in parity with your web, public relations and marketing strategy.  Our team can develop a comprehensive content plan and blog strategy, then integrate and execute your web advertising from banner ads to adwords campaigns. We will manage and monitor your brand reputation online.

Why choose Ballywho?

Social Marketing is ALL we do. It is our core business.

Our team of SEO writers and journalists have a comprehensive understanding of how to develop and write content that is compelling. We also incorporate techniques that help you show up more organically in search. Our social programmers understand the social web back-end and will work with your content to distribute it through the proper channels directly to the markets interested in your product or services. Our marketing team will make sure your message is communicated not from an “IT” perspective, but from your brand’s intended point of view.

We have been called “A CMO’s best friend” because our services provide the delicate balance between all of the disciplines of social marketing and media.

We have a 360° understanding of what social means for your brand.

Our approach is to help make your brand trusted and credible, ultimately making you the expert in the social space. We will engage ambassadors of your brand to enhance your social marketing efforts to the utmost.

We take a fluid approach to your social needs

Every brand does not require the same solution. We evolve your social media marketing plan based on the dynamic changes in the industry and how the community we work together to create evolves over time.  Brands enmeshed in their own identity are the most successful when they grow and develop over time, and the best partners for us are teams that understand that dynamic.

We can’t work effectively without you

Our success is in directly linked to the support we have from you and your team.  While we will craft a complete plan and create content on your behalf, however our collaboration together is critical to the success of your social marketing campaign. We want your input as to how you want to be branded, what types of customers you have and want and how you want us to use tone to best represent you to the market.

We don’t talk like “gurus”

We know what we are doing and we have the client successes and experience to prove it. Having said that, if you are looking for high ego, techie talk and a plan that looks like everyone else’s….this will be the only time we disappoint you. Yes, we know what SEO is and the various meanings associated with Web 2.0 but we won’t bog you down with verbiage. It is your job to run your company and put out the best products and services that you can. It is our job to not only know industry jargon, but to know our industry and put our knowledge to work for you. At Ballywho, we value being successful over sounding successful.

Ballywho’s Values

We will always lead. We are trailblazers

We strive every day to give our clients the best experience. We take pride in providing the best product available for our customers.

We always communicate openly and honestly.

We will stay grounded and keep our eyes on the future.

We are quirky and we like it. Diversity in thought breeds fresh new ideas.


Press Releases

Social Search

We believe people find out about your brand three ways
1) Word of Mouth
2) Advertising
3) Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
We work with your marketing and web team to create an integrated social and web presence that is aligned with your marketing vision and brand experience

What is Social Media?

We believe that social media is the communication tool of the future, it is the way to link traditional and web marketing and communication together with consumer engagement.


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